What if you could change your vicinity just by loving the people next to you?

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Where Change Begins

Change. It’s something we all encounter, and, to a degree, something we all desire. We don’t want change for change’s sake, but we all want change for the better. The question is: How? And, where do we begin?

In a city like New York of 8.5 million people, trying to affect change and bring about something that lasts can feel overwhelming. Everyday, millions of individuals hurry between place-to-place, too busy to slow down and enjoy a meal, too on edge to care for their neighbor, surrounded by millions of other individuals yet somehow all alone. In a city so massive, where does change even begin?

The answer is simple: it starts in our Vicinity. Change starts wherever we are. It begins with our everyday encounters. It starts with our daily interactions. Change happens when we become aware of who is around us, and we choose to bring about something good, something hopeful, and something grace-filled into those engagements. That’s what makes those connections meaningful.

But change doesn’t just start with us. Change starts with you. It’s not just our vicinity. It’s your vicinity. Vicinity.NYC is not just about us, or New York City; it’s about you. It’s about empowering you to affect change no matter who you are or where you live. Wherever you are, there is a vicinity you can engage and a vicinity you can change.

Vicinity.NYC is a social campaign through Meta Church, a new church plant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Scroll down to learn more about Vicinity.NYC and receive free resources.

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In New York City

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Average person eats out 13 meals/week

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Average person walks 9,000 steps/day

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Over 70% of NYers have fought with a neighbor

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1 out of 5 New Yorkers feels alone

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Grow With The Movement

No matter where you live – Portland, OR, New York, NY, or Cardiff, Wales – we want to help you bring change in your vicinity and grow in your faith. When you sign up below, we’ll send you free resources focused on navigating change in your life and affecting change in your vicinity. These resources include a 21-day Journey to Change devotional, a curated 12-song Journey to Change worship playlist, dinner recipes, weekly challenges to help you put your faith in action, and much more! All of these resources are designed with you and your vicinity in mind. You want to make an impact, and we want to help.

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Give To The Movement

Why should you give to Vicinity.NYC & Meta Church? Well, you definitely shouldn’t give out of guilt, obligation, or simply to “check a box.” But if you want to (1) be a part of affecting change in New York City on the ground level, (2) contribute to an ambitious movement of Jesus followers, and (3) be a part of a transformative work in the city, then giving to Vicinity.NYC & Meta Church is a great option for you.

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Join The Movement

Everyday, hundreds of people from all over the world move to New York City to chase their dreams and their calling. Maybe you are one of those people. Maybe your calling is in NYC. Maybe your calling is to be a part of building church from the ground up.

At Meta Church, we’re looking for people who are disturbed by the status quo, tenacious in fulfilling God’s calling on their life, committed to being present & fully engaged with the people around them, those who hold nothing back, and understand that their greatest purpose is living to love others.

If this is you, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you right away!

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