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He’s a city kid, originally from the Bronx, NY, and she is a native Washingtonian, born outside of Seattle, yet their paths crossed at a small college in Jacksonville, Florida in 2005. Shortly after meeting, they began dating, and were later married in 2007.

Around the same time they met, God placed in their hearts and spirits a vision to plant a life-giving church in New York City. While both of them had ideas and expectations for what it would look like and when it would happen, God had a totally different journey He would take them on. (Funny how we want to offer something “life-giving” when we’ve lived no life, isn’t it?)

This journey would take them on adventures from Florida to Portland, OR, followed by an 18-month stint in NYC, down to Greenville, SC for a couple of years, and even a short stay in Europe. While their residencies and travels have been broad, their life experiences have been very deep. The journey God had them on wasn’t just one of travel and fun, it’s been a challenging journey of battling grief, loss, addiction, depression, and even failures in their marriage.

Through those experiences, God was able to forge something deeper, and more meaningful, than what Krista and Ricky could have ever imagined. God had plans that were more than, and beyond, what either Krista or Ricky would have designed for themselves. And these plans would be produced through His transformative work in them. It was their personal meta experience.

Meta is the Greek word for change, but it also means more than or beyond. God used their experiences over the last 12 years to shape the heart and the vision for Meta Church. And it’s through this lens that Krista and Ricky are committed to proclaiming a message of hope, truth, grace, and transformation as authentically and vulnerably as possible so others may also have their own meta experience.

For more information or questions, email hello@metachurch.cc.

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